What Our Customers Say
“After searching on Yelp, I contacted Innovative Mechanical because they were highly rated and close to my property that needed the repair. James replaced my HVAC unit. Pros: *Outstanding customer service - they listened attentively to my concerns over the phone and had a technician at my property in less than 4 hours. Everyone I interacted with was extremely polite. *Diligent - James did an amazing job with the installation and ensured everything was completed to a high degree of standard. He even vacuumed after the job was completed. *Dedicated - James got on the phone with me to explain to my warranty company why the unit should be replaced. This was beyond their scope of service, as they are not a provider under with my warranty company. *Price - fair pricing with no hidden charges *Hours - 24 hour support comes in handy for those rare occasions. Cons: *Nothing - this level of commitment will have you question other companies you interact with. I highly recommend this company!”
– Happy Client
“Everyone knows when your AC unit goes out (especially in August), you instantly panic. You know it's going to get hot in your house and quickly, and it's going to cost you your left arm... at least. I have to say, when I made the call to Innovative, they were extremely responsive and professional. They came out at 9pm on a Friday night, not bummed they were working after hours on a Friday, but happy and ready to help. I have a unit that wasn't very old (but was not registered) and the compressor went out... all I saw were dollar signs... the unit was in our home before we purchased the place and we didn't have much info on it. They didn't just say, "Well, you're going to need a new unit and it's going to cost X amount." They researched and exhausted all resources and it ended up being covered under warranty. The compressor was ordered and, in the mean time, they offered us two window units to put in our children's room so they wouldn't be affected by this unfortunate event. This company is top notch. Their costumer service is impeccable and their attention to detail was on point. This whole process was done in a timely fashion. I would recommend this company and team to any and everyone! They certainly have our lifetime business. Thank you!”
– Loyal Customer
“Chad Ferguson, the owner of Innovative Mechanical LLC, is the gold standard in customer service and satisfaction. I called him with an emergency (no air conditioning in a Georgia summer) and he promised Innovative would be out that evening. I couldn't believe he said same day! He called to let us know a little later that he was on his way. He got here around 8pm - yes, Chad himself, fixed our unit and all for a reasonable price. Awesome!! I would definitely recommend Chad and his company! Thank you Chad & Innovative Mechanical!”
– Very Impressed
“We are extremely pleased with Trent and Chad's hard, persistent work. Our home has now been upgraded with a Lennox Signature System and it's fabulous! If you want guys who are thorough in explaining all systems, answering questions patiently and with a smile, respectful of how much you want to spend, then check them out - you won't be disappointed.”
– Delighted Customer
“After my AC system quit working in the dead of summer, I called Innovative Mechanical to check it out. Chad came out that same day and showed me where the problem was. I asked for a quote to compare to some of the other AC companies in my area. Chad ended up having the best price, $1,000 less than the closest bidder. I had him install it the next day, and it has been working perfect ever since. It's hard to get a fair quote these days, but Chad at Innovative Mechanical is honest, fair and a pleasure to work with.”
– Now Carefree Customer